Super Draw Lottery

We are pleased to announce that 2013 Bradford (Park Avenue) Football Club have become part of the Super Draw Lottery.

The 1st Prize every week is a minimum of £2,000, which increase four times a year to £5,000, with over other prizes on offer totaling a minimum of £3,600 every week, for full details of the Prize Fund please see our website

For just £1 per week, or £2 if you wish to double your chances, you have the opportunity to win a share of up to £250,000 in cash and other prizes.

To join the Super Draw online, via the secure and protected system, please click on the following link and follow the easy instructions on how to join.

Alternatively you can join the Super Draw by paying by Bank Standing Order, application forms are available from the Club, or ring 07912 271498 or 0871 663 2477 and we will post you an application form to your home address.

Participating in the Super Draw is simple, there are no coupons to complete and members do not have to check the winning numbers.

Unlike the National Lottery all Super Draw winners are notified and prizes are posted to their home address.

A minimum of 50p from your entry fee goes directly to support Bradford (Park Avenue)

Thank you for your continued support, on and off the pitch.