"Legend Draw" Results

We have now published the Legends Draw November and December Results which you can find, as always on the Legends Draw page, under the ‘Prize Draws & Competitions’ on the site navigation. Then click on the button which says “Legends Draw”.


Or by clicking here

As always a big Thank You to the people who already take part.


And of course,

Want to help?   then follow the instructions below.



Run by the supporters club.


To take part and help support avenue please do the following:-


  1. Click Application & Standing order Mandate and print them out to be filled in.
  2. Fill them in.
  3. Post or send the filled in Standing order Mandate to your bank
  4. Post the filled in Application form to:

Maria Bruce,
Supporters Club Secretary
3 Hainsworth Moor View,
BD13 2NB
Thank you for your support.