Iqbal: It's Good To Be Back'

On Saturday afternoon, the travelling supporters from the Horsfall Stadium saw the return of one of their favourites; Amjad Iqbal.

The Pakistani defender featured for the final 20 minutes, and spoke to the club’s official website, following the victory at Corby Town:

‘It’s good to be back. The leg feels good, but, I wasn’t expecting to be back so quick. I was thinking it maybe another month or two before I played again!’

Iqbal, 30, made his last appearance in the green and white of Bradford (Park Avenue), nine months ago against Ashton United, where he suffered a bad break to his left leg. However, the defender who has played under John Deacey since the age of 18, admits it was pleasing to get his boots back on:

‘(John) Deacey called and I was willing to help. I haven’t done any running or training for the last nine months, and (John) Deacey brought me straight back in! But, I thoroughly enjoyed it, I played 20 minutes but it felt like a full game! The fans have been really good, they applauded me on, and I need that confidence after what has happened before.’