Gareth Roberts Takes the Helm…

Gareth Roberts has agreed to become the club’s majority shareholder subject to the FA’s fit and proper person test.

He is a petroleum geologist based in Dallas, Texas but was raised in Holmewood and attended BPA games as a child.

He has made the following statement to the club’s official site:

“I would like to thank Bob Blackburn for the work that he has done to get the club where it is today. It is a remarkable achievement given where the club started.

It is due to Bob that I became reunited with the club and one statement in particular that he made struck a chord with me.

He said that he became involved with the club as a way of giving something back to the community and that is also my motivation.

Sport has the power to improve peoples lives and the Bradford area certainly needs all the help it can get.

So I will be looking at all possibilities for the future.

In the meantime the immediate focus is the pitch and the team. The longer term focus is on a permanent and acceptable ground.

I am pleased to add that Kevin Hainsworth has agreed to help during the transition.”