Deacey: 'No Positives'

Following their 1-0 defeat to Gloucester City, Bradford (Park Avenue) manager John Deacey spoke to the official website:

A frustrated Deacey admitted the performance was not good enough:

‘I’m not happy. In the first half we played some good football but we were unable to make the most of our chances. But, the second half was not up to our standard. We were bullied across the pitch today and that shouldn’t be happening from one of my sides. There were no positives from that game.’

The Bradford manager struggled to put into words his disappointment, but, picked out one individual for praise:

‘There was only one person to come out with their head held high, and that was John Lamb. He produced some excellent saves and was a credit today.’

Finally, the Avenue boss admitted he could make changes for next week:

We have a small squad, but, that performance was not acceptable, and I may have to shuffle things about. I will be talking with Mark (Hume) to see if we can bring in some new faces.