Colbeck: Up There With The Best We've Played

Despite the loss at Brackley, a number of the Avenue line-up left the field with positive reviews- none more so than winger Joe Colbeck. After the match, he spoke to Avenue press officer Joe Cockburn.

“Well it’s disappointing really, especially since we were the better side on the ball, I thought we created a lot of chances, we should have scored a few.

“Disappointed that the keeper saved mine off the line (pictured). I’ve hit it too clean I think, if I just shank it or do anything but what I did it goes in. I think I’ve just concentrated on hitting it clean and the keeper’s managed to save it.

“But, all in all, I thought it was up there with the best we’ve played all season and we’ve not got a result, which I think hurts more- when you play so well and you just don’t get the right result, yeah, it’s going to be a long journey home.”

Colbeck’s recent performances have certainly improved, so I asked him what it is that has made him step his game up of late.

“I think it’s because I’m playing more regularly, at the start of the season I was in and out, I couldn’t really get a run of games, but now I seem to be playing week in week out, and that’s all I want to do.

“I’m playing for the next week’s shirt to be honest, every time I play I’ve realised that, although I might have stepped down from the Conference, I maybe thought at the beginning of the season that I should start week in week out and that isn’t the case.

“Everyone’s got to work for the shirt, and that’s what I’ve found and that’s all I’m trying to do- train hard, and play for next week’s shirt.”

Colbeck’s goal in the Brackley match took a deflection on it’s way through, so I joked with him over whether it was in fact his or not.

“Yeah it was mine! It’s deflected a little off the defender’s studs but yeah I’m definitely having that one!”